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Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Alex Freund, the brilliant career coach known as "The Landing Expert" came to eCurtain Media because he knew his website simply wasn't working. Alex was delighted with new website John Heartfield created for him (See Testimonials). The old Landing Expert website contained so many issues that make so many business websites ineffective.

CLICK "AFTER eCURTAIN MAKEOVER" to see the website eCurtain Media created for Alex.
Best Small Business Websites
These two pages are a great example of how to improve an existing HTML small business website.

Alex has now decided to use Wordpress for his website. Wordpress is a great choice because it is naturally "mobile friendly" at a time when so many people surf the web using their cellphones. HTML sites can also be "mobile friendly." However, they must be built correctly for Google to recognize them as phone and tablet friendly.

John Heartfield is a recognized expert if you're interested in converting your current website to Wordpress or making your current HTML site "mobile-friendly."

(1) BEFORE eCurtain's makeover, Alex's HOME page had too much space without content (whitespace) on the upper right and too much content on the lower left. In addition, no clear message stood out. You have about 4-7 seconds to grab visitors' attention and convince them they should explore your website.

(2) BEFORE, An email address for Landing Expert wasn't clearly displayed at the top of every page. Many visitors prefer to email businesses rather than call. As soon as a customer or client decides to get in touch with you, make that action as quick and easy as possible

(3) The "global page options" are the navigation options that are available on every page of your site. BEFORE, Alex's options were not attractive, intuitive, and well-labeled. Visitors must have a good idea exactly where they're going on your site when they choose one of your global navigation options.

(4) This is a good photo of Alex. Because his personality shines through, it's a good addition to his home page. However, the background is confusing. Why is a career counselor standing in front of a forest? What do the trees behind him have to do with what he offers?

(5) There no point to asking visitors questions about why they came to your site. They already know why they came to the site. Space on the HOME page is precious. It must be used to inform about, market, and brand your products or services.

(6) BEFORE, there was too much page text. Visitors don't read small business websites. They "hunt and peck" through text for the information they want. Each piece of text should support your main marketing message. It should deliver one idea per sentence. There should be 2-3 sentences per paragraph.

(7) BEFORE, some of the most important information on the Landing Expert HOME page was buried at the bottom of the page (also known as "below the fold"). Testimonials from clients reinforce Alex's credibility. Articles speak to his expertise. A radio interview shows that he's a respected pro in his field.

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