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How Is Your Website Working For You?

Small business websites are tools. Your website must give you a solid return on the investment and time you put into it.

A free eCurtain Media Website Evaluation points out the strengths and weaknesses of your website. John Heartfield, eCurtain Media's director, can look over your website and discuss it with you for 30 minutes. There's no cost or obligation.

John Heartfield wrote "Make Your Small Business Website Work, Easy Answers To Content, Navigation, and Design." Here's what one Amazon reviewer had to say, "Mr. Heartfield's broad fund of knowledge regarding this subject and his easy-to-read writing style made this book not only useful but an enjoyable read. Lots of great ideas regarding structuring my website. Big bang for the buck. Highly recommended."

Find Out More About John Heartfield.

eCurtain Media clients have said they learned more from John in 30 minutes than all time they've spent trying to understand the Internet or talking with other web professionals.

Why does eCurtain Media offer free advice? Because we believe that you'll quickly see how eCurtain Media can improve your site and increase your profits.

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