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Small Business Marketing With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Consider It Before Your Build Your Business Website

Experts Say Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is A Science And An Art

To some extent, that’s true. However, it isn’t rocket science. It's also essential for small business marketing. You begin by understanding the concept of “keywords” and how to use them properly.

Always remember that you cannot control what a potential client or customer will type into a search engine like Google when they're looking for a service or product.

If you want small business marketing to work on your website you need to set up your site to match what your clients or customers are looking for.

Choosing effective keywords and using them correctly on your site is one of the most important aspects of Internet small business marketing. You can create the best product in the world but you can't sell it if no one can find it.

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Once you choose effective keywords for your product or services, it isn't enough to place them randomly them all over your web pages. In fact, that can be very bad. Each page should logically contain targeted keywords that are consistent across the file name, the page's title, the SEO title, the page's URL, and the content of the page that's visible to your visitors.

Before You Pay A Search Engine Company Thousands Of Dollars, Let Ecurtain Media Break Down The Complex Process Of Search Engine Optimization Into Clear Easy-To-Understand Concepts.

eCurtain will tell you what to realistically expect when you optimize your website to bring in clients and customers.

Why Is An Excellent Search Engine Ranking Important To Any Business?

When a potential customer or client types their search words into a Search Engine such as Google, 80 percent of those potential clients or customers will only look at the first 8-10 results that are not paid for by Search Engine Marketing.

The Difference Between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your Search Engine Ranking without paying a fee to enjoy a more visible ranking. In general, a great ranking achieved through Search Engine Optimization is more valuable than one gotten through Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing means you pay in some way for your site to appear higher in Search Engine Results. Such appearances are clearly marked in the Search Engine Rankings. Although more people may see your business, they are less likely to click on a Paid Search Engine Result.

Here Are Some Valuable Tips About Search Engine Optimization

1) Decide on your keywords and plan your SEO strategy before constructing your website.

2) Never listen to anyone who tells you they can get you “to the first page of Google” fast. They’re simply not telling you the truth. It takes time to get excellent search engine results for several reasons.

3) Find out what “Black Hat” SEO strategies are and never employ them. Black Hat SEO can get you banned from Google and that would be a disaster for your business.

4) Always provide “alt” tags for any image or multimedia content.

5) Pay special attention to the names of your HTML files and the titles your “meta” descriptions. Search engines may not pay much attention to your "meta" description but your potential customers do. They will click on a link if the description interests them

6) Download an XML Sitemap template. Customize it with the files on your site. Submit it to Google.

7) Modify the content on your pages often. Just a little change goes a long way. Google notices when a website hasn’t changed for a while and your ranking will suffer.

8) Use good CSS to build your web pages. Avoid complex HTML Tables and Frames. Search engines like Google "read" your site. Make it easy for them. Put your most important information at the top of your web pages.

That’s just a start.

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